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marți, 15 iunie 2010

Immortality.Are you brave enough to become a god?

Since the beginning of humanity, people have dreamed at immortality. Realizing that their time on earth is limited and that everything has a beginning and an end, they tried to defy the laws of nature. Great civilizations invented religions that preach the immortality of the soul, many famous writers have discussed this topic, there were written many songs about immortality and is a favorite theme of the greatest philosophers of the world like Socrate,Platon,Aristotle,Descartes,Nietzsche,Schopenhauer,Hegel from antiquity until the present.The most important play of Goethe's work is Faust.Is a tragic play that has the subject of immortality and is considered by many to be one of the greatest works of German literature.Beliving in a ideea,fighting for it can make you immortal.

Goethe said:''a useful life is a delayed death a useless life is a premature death''.Also,Imanuel Kant in the Critique of Practical Reason besides topics like theology and atheism puts the question of imortality.Even the best romanian philosophers from the interwar period Constantin Noica,Emil Cioran,Petre Tutea have pondered this problem.If philosophy is only a listing of beautiful words,why then it has such a prestige?In conclusion the idea of immortality is consuming,fascinating and and gives metaphysical worries.What is immortality?Immortality is the concept of living a physical or spiritual form for and infinite or inconceivably vast lenght of time,a eternal life,a timeless existence.
Wittgenstein,in a notably non-theological interpretation of eternal life,writes that,''If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessnessm,then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.''Personally, I think this statement is completely wrong.Living in the present leads to the lose of your identity and its just a ilusion.A nation that loses its cult for heroes loses the moral right to exist.There are many interesting ways to obtain eternal life.The most popular is the religios afterlife way.
But why?People need hope and the majority founds it in the faith that death its only the beginning.The belief in an afterlife is a fundamental tenet of religions, including Hinduism,Christianity,Islam.Buddhism has a interesting theory:at birth the man is born crying and even in death he cries.We suffer because we are never satisfied,we want more.Things that make us suffer are those which we can not change.So we should not care about anything and we should reflect at nothing we should clear our mind to became one with the nature.They belive in reincarnation that is another form of immortality.I think that this theory has a large gap.If we forget everything,we reach a primitive state,the state of Adam and Eva.Then how Buddhist meditation can be the highest step of spiritualism?Tough we are mortals,fragile,weak we care about the others and that makes us divine.Vikings believed that if they die in a battle they go in Valhalla,and they will be entitled to sit next to Odin.Here is a viking prayer:'': Lo, there do I see my father.Lo, there do I see my mother, and my sisters, and my brothers.Lo, there do I see the line of my people...Back to the begining.Lo they do call to me.They bid me take my place among them.In the halls of Valhalla.Where the brave may live forever''.
Bushido way of the samurai is an intriguing form of spirituality.Despite the great crimes of religion,spirituality its a good way to became eternal.True and sincere faith is superior to any dogma.Spirit will always conquer matter.You might think that selfish people do not want to die,the short life that they have is not enough to quench their curiosity and love for life.That is an important reason that we all so desperately seek eternity.Which is the real reason for dreaming of immortality?I think the biggest burden of man is to be alone.You can be alone in the sense of isolation or you can be alone while you're surrounded by one hundread people.Does not even matter.Trust me on that,I have experience in both.Total solitude can disarrange the minds of the most balanced people on earth.We want so fervently immortality not necessarily for us but for the people we love.Because it is so hard to lose someone...Since the last world war and so far science has progressed enormously and perhaps over who knows how many years we will become biologically immortal.What is biological immortality?Biological immortality is an absence of aging,a cell or organism that does not experience aging, or ceases to age at some point.Being immortal does not destroy the cycle of nature?Think about it.Biological immortality does not lead to overpopulation of the earth?Is a hilarious but realistic problem.How can you become immortal?A more romantic approach brought me to a fascinating conclusion.It is based more on speculation.I think that a hero or a genius can become immortal because of his exemplary life.The Glory in the memory of men it will always belong to the ones that follow their great visions.Immortality can be achieved through an aesthetic glory.Great kings,generals,legendary heroes of Homer's books as Pericle,Leonidas,Hannibal,Cezar,Napoleon,Heracles,Hector, live forever being included in history books but also in our minds and hearts.
Their outstanding qualities and decisions they have taken are a model for us all.The best writers Tolstoi,Dostoevsky,Shakespeare the greatest researchers,scientists Einstein,Newton are in the same category.I belive that any man should have the right to make his own fate.Fortune favours the brave.Alexander the Great said:''bury me with nothing because the only thing that I take with me is the perpetual glory''.He not only conquered the world but i dare to say that he even conquered death.As he said at the Battle of Gaugamela:conquer your fear and I promise you that you will conquer death.Felings like love and friendship can last forever.Everybody knows about Tristan and Isolde,Romeo and Juliet,Maytreyi and Alan.Not only that love is a road to eternity but also love saves us,it gives us a good reason to live,perhaps the most important one,in this absurdly world.
Having a friend is,sometimes,better than having a brother.Human history gives us enough evidence of true friendship from Achilles and Patroclus to Alexander and Hephaistion to Ion Creanga and Mihai Eminescu.Art can be imperishable.What is art?Art is a way of expressing aesthetic of beauty,is a explosion.To produce art, you need a lot of work and talent but one more ingredient that makes the difference between one useful object and a art object:suffering.Only by experiencing suffering we can look beyond deception,beyond preconceptions.Even if the bones of the artists will molder in the infinite passage of time their name will endure.Sistine Chapel, the Eiffel Tower,Monalisa picture,the Seven Wonders of the World are a testimony to the greatness of art.Poetry is a nice art.Imagination of writers has produced various fantastic creatures with the capacity to be immortal.Anne Rice is the best writer of this domein.

The vampire chronicles discuss the drama of an immortal.The world is changing you do not.You see people that you love aging and disappear.And you get bored...As in Queen's song I ask you now:Who wants to leave forever?Who dares to love forever?There are many tricks we can use to defeat death.Humor is one of them.Marcus Aurelius the roman emperor which withdraw the troops from Dacia said:''All that a simple mortal can do in the face of death who smiles to us all is to smile back''.Greeks nicknamed him king-philosopher.Would you dare try to resist the burden of eternity if it would be offered?What price are you willing to pay?Would you do anything to be forever yong?Oscar Wilde has this theme in The Picture of Dorian Gray.Only the brave,only the strongest can became imortal.You need a strong personality and a ''will of fire'' a absolute and even absurd will.A will of a god.You need to be smart and have many activities and a dream to keep you alive.You have to be brave.What is Courage?A brave man is not a one with no fears.That is a madman.A brave man is a human who has fears but,despite them,pushes forward to fulfill his destiny.The ones that let fear rule them shall survive but the brave will really live even for a moment.To transform ourselves from a normal human into a god we need to be absolute free.Mircea Eliade said about freedom:''To not be afraid of anything means to wear the shirt of death forever,you become free when you decided to overcome the biological economic, political barrier but also the most important spiritual barrier.To be fearless is the greatest freedom that a human can reach on earth.
To be free means to be primarily responsible for yourself.To not fear of anything means looking at what is happening in the world as a spectator.This means that we can intervene at any time, by imagination, and we can change the show how you like.''You must have a developed sense of justice.You have to go balanced.You have to walk on brinkmanship.My ideas and conclusions were dramatically lined.Also I have to say something funny.My name is Armand and in one of Anne Rice's stories the main character's name is Armand,a immortal vampire who lived five hundread years.Hope is the last thing that dies from a mortal.I hope that my essay is only the start of my trip to eternity.
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